Contract Heroes

Each episode features a different perspective from a guest on how every organization can benefit from building better commercial relationships with vendors and customers by implementing a good contracting process.

Pepe Toriello and Marc Doucette talk with innovators with long experience in contract management. How can a company with no CM process implemented take a first step, how to manage relationships with vendors or clients when things go wrong and where technology, such as CLM, can be more useful.

Aug 15, 2022

AI & Contract Management - Jim Chiang

Throughout our conversation with Jim, we discussed: - The potential of AI technology and CLM - Why some vendors stretch the truth when it comes to what their AI is capable of - Where AI capabilities really are useable at this stage of product development - What the future holds for CLM and AI

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Aug 15, 2022

AI & Contract Management - Jim Chiang

Throughout our conversation with Jim, we discussed: - The potential of AI technology and CLM - Why some vendors stretch the truth when it comes to what their AI is capable of - Where AI capabilities really are useable at this stage of product development - What the future holds for CLM and AI

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Jul 25, 2022

The Rules of Redlining - Nada Alnajafi

In this installment of Contract Heroes, we had a chat with contracting superstar Nada Alnajafi. Throughout our conversation with Nada, we discussed: - Negotiating tips - Redlining tips - How and why she started her blog - The many other take aways from her book Contract Redlining Etiquette

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Jun 20, 2022

Building an in-house legal team from the ground up with Jack Terschluse

Building an in-house legal team from the ground up with Jack Terschluse We recently sat down to chat with Jack Terschluse, the corporate counsel for Balto based in St. Louis. Jack started his career at a large law firm, however, once the pandemic transitioned everyone into remote work, new opportunities became available and he moved to the in-house side of the law. He accepted a position as corporate counsel for Balto as a legal team of one and has since helped their team grow the legal department into what it is today. During our conversation we discussed: - Tips & tricks for a legal team of one - How to successfully build a business case and implement a CLM solution - How to build out a legal ops team at your organization

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Jun 06, 2022

Tips for Developing Soft Skills with Patrick Barry

In this episode of Contract Heroes, we had a chat about soft skills with Patrick Barry, the GC of Emerson Electric's Commercial Residential Solutions. Our focus during our chat with Patrick was based around: - His list of soft skills that lawyers and sales associates can use to cut through the bureaucracy involved in the contracting process - The process his team went through when finding and implementing their CLM of choice

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May 31, 2022

How Stanford's Codex is shaping the future of law with Roland Vogl

In this installment of Contract Heroes, we had a chat with a long-term legal tech expert Roland Vogl. Roland is the executive director of CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics. Throughout our conversation with Roland, we discussed: - The foundation of CodeX and what the program has meant to him as well as the students of Standford - How the legal-tech space has changed since Roland started working with technology - What it takes to create a legal-tech start-up - Tips for those looking to branch out to other forms of work in legal other than law firms

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May 13, 2022

The Evolution of the Legal-Tech space with Nick Rishwain

The Evolution of the Legal-Tech space with Nick Rishwain In this installment of Contract Heroes, we sat down with fellow legal tech podcaster, Nick Rishwain. Nick started his show, LegalTechLIVE, in 2015, when the realm of legal technology was still in the process of ramping up. With over 130 episodes, it's safe to say Nick knows his way around this space. In our episode we covered: - The evolution of the legal-tech and how it has exploded in recent years - How he has built a community and seen many organizations grow to the giants they now are in the space - Tips for selling to in-house leaders and what many of them are looking for when it comes to software

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Apr 21, 2022

Building the Bridge Between Business and Legal - Dan Hendy

This episode of Contract Heroes featured Dan Hendy, the Executive Vice President of Corporate and Commercial Solutions at UnitedLex. Dan has been working in legal operations since 2015. Throughout our conversation, we discussed: - Dan's experiences with how the world of legal operations has evolved since its early days - Some of the biggest mistakes he's seen when choosing a vendor - The two goals every organization should have when it comes to implementing your perfect CLM tool

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Apr 14, 2022

The Contract Management Quadrant - Kris Kwiatek

In this installment of Contract Heroes, we had the opportunity to chat with none other than Krzysztof Kwiatek, the associate director at Deloitte Legal. Kris works in legal management consulting with a focus on CLM tools. We focused our conversation around: - What makes a successful implementation? - The correlation between high user adoption rates and happy customers - How to go about choosing from the wide variety of CLM solutions currently available on the market.

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Mar 28, 2022

Choosing A Partner For Your CLM Journey - Lucy Bassli

Lucy is the former Assistant General Counsel at Microsoft, during her time there she completely changed how the legal department supported the contracting process. Lucy left Microsoft 4 years ago to start her own consultancy, InnoLaw, where she now works with her team to help corporate law firms better understand how to manage their contracts. In this week's episode we discuss: - How the in-house legal and tech industry has grown over the past few years - Why AI isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to CLM tools - What to look for from a technical standpoint when evaluating tools for your organization - Things to look for beyond product fit when choosing a vendor or consulting partner

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Mar 14, 2022

Advancements in Legal Ops Training - Mat Jakubowski

In this installment of Contract Heroes, we had the opportunity to chat with Mat Jakubowski. Mat has over 10 years of legal experience at companies like Thomson Reuters and Dentons. This experience has given him a unique blend of skills that he now uses to both run a legal ops department and also provide world-class Legal Tech training and mentoring to aspiring lawyers and legal professionals at Silvertown Legal. In this week's episode we discuss: - Free Legal-tech resources that are available to everyone - Why hiring the right employees is just as valuable, if not more valuable than purchasing the right technology - How to start your search for the perfect CLM tool - Understanding how to gain high user adoption to make the most out of our new technology purchases

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Feb 18, 2022

Resources to help the modern in-house lawyer grow - Avi Weiss

Avi ​​is currently an in-house lawyer at Coinsquare, a cryptocurrency company based in Canada, but he also manages Counselwell simultaneously. His passion for in-house counsel and the drive to provide resources for his peers in this versatile and demanding profession have led him to take on both jobs, often working nights and weekends to achieve his goals. Throughout the episode, we had the opportunity to learn more about Counselwell and its early days while also gathering some of Avi’s essential tips for anyone looking to find a job working as in-house counsel. Though a bit different from our typical subject matter, Avi’s perspective provides a great look at the world of in-house counsel, what it’s like, and how to get your foot in the door.

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Jan 17, 2022

Picking the Right People for Contract Management - Kim Miller

Kim is currently the Senior Director of Supply Chain Management at L3Harris where she strives to better the understanding of how businesses engage with their supply chains and customers. Both in her current role and throughout her experience so far, she has had the opportunity to work with contracts on multiple levels, including subtier contracting and supply chain contracting, making her an excellent resource to discuss the inner workings of the contracting process.

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Dec 15, 2021

The Phase Zero in CLM implementation with Tom Fuchs

Tom is a contract management veteran and a legend in the industry with tons of knowledge to impart about the early steps of implementing contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools. Over the years Tom has helped his clients understand the people, process, and technology that makes up the framework of contracting, especially from the sell side of the equation.

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Dec 01, 2021

Working with the procurement side of contracts - Karthik Rama

Throughout Karthik’s 17 years working with over 40,000 contracts, Karthik has taken up the title of Procurement Doctor thanks to his strategies when assessing his clients’ contract processes.

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Nov 16, 2021

Creating a community in the legal tech industry - Alex Su

Alex started practicing law as a litigator before eventually making the transition into the legal-tech space where’s he’s worked in a variety of roles, most recently as the head of community development at Ironclad where he is responsible for facilitating community engagement. —————————– In this episode we cover: How being a lawyer helped Alex have success selling legal-tech Why working for a law firm isn’t the right fit for all who those who graduated law school How social media helped Alex land his dream job Why communities can and should play a role in which CLM tool your team purchases —————————– Learn more about Alex by connecting with him on LinkedIn:

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Nov 03, 2021

The Ins and Outs of Legalese - Husein Panju

Husein Panju has been practicing law for 10 years, spending the first 5 years of his career providing advice and litigation to the three levels of the Canadian government before taking on a dual role with a top public affairs consulting firm in which he handled commercial drafting and risk management. —————————– In this episode we cover: - The problems with legalese and why lawyers still use them - How simplifying the language in your contracts can make them more user-friendly - What tools and services are available to help simplify language and write more clearly —————————– Follow Husein on Twitter (@lawyeredpodcast) and check out his podcast here: Ins and Outs of Legalese

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Oct 19, 2021

A Community For Contracts - Sally Guyer & Paul Branch

On this episode of Contract Heroes, we had the opportunity to sit down with Sally Guyer, Global CEO of World Commerce & Contract and Paul Branch, CTO. WorldCC provides a home and a common body of knowledge for those working in the rapidly advancing world of contract management. WorldCC showcases an extremely diverse community, with over 70,000 members spanning from 180 different countries. In this episode we spoke with Sally and Paul about: Why simplifying contract language is becoming more popular What issues you can run into when using complex contracting language Understand where your organizations contracting processes are lagging How to find a CLM solution that best fits your teams needs

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Oct 12, 2021

How to Overcome Covid Supply Chain Challenges - Rod Wade

As Vice President of Contract Management, Rod handles contracts from various types of clients, especially in the pharmaceutical field. Recently, MedImpact has been focused on helping clients procure vaccines and carry out the testing of these vaccines in pharmacy settings. —————————– What’s covered in this episode: How contract lifecycle management can be critical when dealing with all the elements included in the healthcare industry’s intricate contracting process Why does AI mean when it comes to the CLM space and how can it speed up different facets of the contracting process How software, particularly CLM tools can help manage your remote workforce —————————– Connect with Rod on LinkedIn:

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Sep 29, 2021

Understanding Your Contract Management Maturity - Craig Conte

Craig is currently a partner at Deloitte Legal based in the UK and has done work all around the globe, helping companies find the best ways to improve their contract processes. He is a lawyer by training and practiced law in New York City for ten years before becoming the head lawyer for Capgemini, where he really started to make his mark in the CLM space by assisting with the creation of legal and commercial shared services. —————————– What’s covered in this episode: Why technology itself can’t solve all of an organizations contracting problems How to get the most out of the tools your company has access to and understanding when it’s time to reevaluate your tech-stack How to prove out the ROI of your chosen CLM tool —————————– Connect with Craig on LinkedIn:

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Sep 22, 2021

How to create a data-driven law department - Jason Smith

Jason got his start in legal technology in the mid to late 1990s and practically by accident. While practicing bankruptcy law, he became aware of the potential for automation buried within many rule-driven legal processes. After joining a startup, he involved himself more and more with the automation of legal processes, specifically contract management. With nearly two decades of experience dealing with contracts of all shapes and sizes Jason is the perfect person to learn from when it comes to managing your contracts. ----------------------------- What’s covered in this episode: Problems companies face when beginning to automate their contracting processes How to understand what metrics and issues to focus on when searching for technologies to help How to create synergy between legal and sales to drive faster contract completion ----------------------------- Connect with Jason on LinkedIn:

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Sep 15, 2021

The Building Blocks of Contract Management - Max Eubank

As most legal-tech experts will tell you, building out your companies contracting process is an ongoing project. You can’t necessarily expect to hit the ground running right off the bat. We recently sat down with Max Eubank, deputy general counsel at Workiva, to discuss how his processes have evolved in the 11 years Max has been with the org. What’s covered in this episode: How the size of a company can effect contract management The importance of efficiency and what data to track in order to better monitor your contracts Advice for those just starting their contracting journey Connect with Max on LinkedIn

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Aug 26, 2021

The Rapid Growth of Legal Ops - Eric Laughlin

Eric has years of experience in the legal-tech space. His current company Agiloft, offers an adaptable enterprise software that specializes in commerce and contract lifecycle management (CLM). What’s covered in this episode: -How the legal ops boom has effective organizations. -How proper contracting processes help different departments align their goals. -The first steps to take when implementing a CLM tool. -What are the tangible and non tangible ROI’s of a CLM too.

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Aug 18, 2021

The Path Less Taken: Careers in Legal-Tech - Senne Mennes

We recently sat down with Senne Mennes, co-founder at ClauseBase, and discussed the challenges many students face after graduating from law school. For decades the only real path coming out of college was to work for a firm. However recently other roles have started to become much more popular. Senne also had some great suggestions for pieces of software/websites law students and young lawyers can leverage early in their careers to work smarter, not harder. Senne’s journey to the tech space is a great story and one we recommend others check out. Whether you’ve been in the legal space for years or are fresh out of school it’s never too early or late to think about a career path that differs from the norm. ClauseBase provides revolutionary and reliable contract drafting software and tools to law firms, lawyers, and legal departments around the world. The software allows lawyers and law departments to build their own unique intelligent clause library and manage their clauses and templates centrally while outsourcing contract creation to professional and commercial teams.

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Aug 11, 2021

How to Handle Change Orders and Claims - Navdeep Gulati

We recently sat down with Navdeep Gulati, Senior Contract Administrator at ATCO Electric, and discussed his experience with managing contracts and why having the proper processes in place is so important to all organizations regardless of shape or size. During our discussion we also chatted about best practices during the negotiation process, change orders, invoicing, and why using precise language in your contracts is so important.

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Jul 12, 2021

Tracking KPIs in Contract Management with Amy Sennett

We sat down with Amy Sennett, Associate General Counsel at OpenText, and discussed how being an in-house generalist differs from being outside counsel and the biggest challenges she faced after leaving firm life. We also discussed when a company needs to hire external counsel and whether having a CLM tool helps various teams in an organization come together and be more collaborative. Amy also shared her thoughts on the types of data companies should extract and track after implementing a CLM tool and how electronic signatures are essential in a post-pandemic world. If you're looking to start tracking KPI's either within a CLM tool or manually this is a great episode to listen into.

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Jul 09, 2021

Defining contract management processes with Tim Parilla

We recently sat down with Tim Parilla, Chief Legal Officer at LinkSquares, and discussed his experience with some of their clients. During out chat we talked about what his customers' main pain points are and typical issues they are looking to solve when searching for a contract management solution. Tim also shared how organizations that don't have defined contract management processes can become more efficient. He also emphasized the significance of reporting and turnaround time. Tim shared his insights on other KPIs that need to be considered to evaluate the viability of a CLM platform and how you can assess the ROI of a platform. This is another great listen for those searching for a CLM tool.

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Jun 25, 2021

Privacy Law, Data Breaches and Artificial Intelligence with Shannon Orr

When you work for a software company that’s a household name making sure your data is secure is a top priority. We recently sat down with Shannon Orr, Assisted General Counsel at Intuit, and discussed how and why legal teams should be protecting what’s most important to their organizations. We also dug into privacy law, why and how Shannon started to focus on this in her career. If you’re working to protect your companies intellectual property this is a great episode to listen in to!

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May 13, 2021

How To Start Your Contract Management Journey With Osama Hussain

We sat down with Osama Hussain, General Counsel at the Irdeto Group, and discussed why professionals should pay attention to contract management processes from the outset and who is responsible for setting up a corporate contracting program in an organization. We also discussed the ideal place to start when setting up or developing any contracting program for your organization. Osama also shared his thoughts on automating NDAs and why there is a need for more collaboration between sales and legal teams in an organization. Osama runs and oversees all legal matters and strategy, including corporate governance, policy, intellectual property, risk and compliance, and privacy as a data privacy officer. Osama is also responsible for running the contract management program for the company.

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Apr 19, 2021

How the law company is changing the legal industry

John Croft is one of the leading innovators in the legal services industry and he's not a lawyer. He has spent the last 30 years helping law departments and law firms improve their efficiency, quality, and outcomes. While as President and Co-Founder of Elevate, John spends most of his time working with our customers, he is also acutely focused on the culture and diversity of the law company. He also chairs the Elevate Advisory Board. Prior to co-founding Elevate, John served as President at Integreon, where he led business development efforts and managed existing clients on a global basis. During this time there, he grew the company’s revenue from $12 million in 2005 to $150 million in 2011.Previously, he was CEO of the financial and legal outsourcing division of ADP Inc. Before that, John was European sales director for the financial and legal division of St. Ives Plc.

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Apr 12, 2021

The Impact of Technology on Legal Departments

We recently sat down with Colin Levy,  the Director of Marketing and Business Development at WordRake. He worked heavily with contracts in his past roles where he focused on corporate transactions, which taught him a lot about contract management and how technology can assist in these efforts. In this episode, we discuss how legal teams have had to adjust to remote work and how the pandemic has forced organizations to embrace digital transformation. We also discussed how many organizations have turned to the creation of legal ops roles to assist in finding and managing the perfect software to assist their legal teams. If your organization is beginning to look into legal technology to assist in your teams efforts this episode is a great place to start!

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