The State of AI in the 2024 Legal Industry

Over the course of the past year, Generative AI (GenAI) has quickly evolved from a legal tech buzzword to a transformative force in the legal profession. These trends of rapid development will continue to surge forth throughout 2024, with use cases expanding beyond the automation of simple tasks to encompass fully developed business and contracting […]

The Key to Successful Contract Management in the Energy Sector with Sharyn County

Join us at the WorldCC American Summit in Dallas for another installment of Contract Heroes! This episode features Sharyn County, the General Manager of Procurement, Property, and Fleet at Jemena and Zinfra. Jemena and Zinfra focus on implementing biogas solutions, greenifying through sustainability, and broadening the reach of the energy industry in Australia. Sharyn brought […]

Lessons for Effective Contract Negotiation with Laurie Ehrlich

In this episode of Contract Heroes we spoke to Laurie Ehrlich, Chief Commercial Counsel at Datadog. We discussed some of the issues surrounding contract negotiation in the SaaS space and what Laurie’s doing to help her team succeed.  Keep reading to learn more about Laurie’s quest to perfect Datadog’s contracting and her tips for getting […]

Strategies for Transforming Legal Functions with Mark Ross

Welcome back to another installment of Contract Heroes! In this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with a Principal and Co-Leader of Legal Business Services at Deloitte, Mark Ross. Before joining Deloitte, Mark spent 13 years as an alternative legal services provider. His vast experience uniquely positions him to understand the complexities of contracting […]

The Future of Contract Management with Nikki Shaver

Learn all about the current state of the legal tech market in our latest episode of Contract Heroes featuring Legaltech Hub CEO Nikki Shaver. Frustrated by Google’s inability to locate legal tech solutions that would actually address internal use cases, Nikki and her husband launched Legaltech Hub in October 2020. The platform provides analysis about […]

Beyond the Paper Trail: Alistair Maiden’s Quest for Contract Efficiency

In this episode of Contract Heroes, we had the opportunity to chat with the CEO and founder of SYKE, Alistair Maiden. Since 2016, Alistair and his team have been helping businesses solve legal problems and build efficiency into their contracts through the use of technology. Read on to learn more about Alistair’s journey toward developing […]

The Rise of AI in Contract Management: A Conversation with Kami Paulsen

Welcome back to another installment of Contract Heroes! We recorded this episode at the WorldCC Summit in Dallas where we had the opportunity to speak with the Managing Director at Deloitte, Kami Paulsen. Kami got her start in the CLM space 25 years ago and, throughout that time, she has helped organizations across a wide […]

Marrying Sales and CLM: The Benefits of a Strong Integration

The sales and legal teams each view contracts from a unique vantage point. One emphasizes revenue while the other seeks to mitigate risk. More often than not, these viewpoints wind up conflicting with each other. Whether the sales team becomes frustrated with the amount of time lawyers take to review contracts or the attorneys worry […]

5 Strategies to Bring Procurement and Legal Together

5 Strategies to Bring Procurement and Legal Together The intricate nature of contracts, regulatory landscapes, and business relationships necessitates a unified and collaborative approach between all corporate functions. Two functions that have particularly similar interests, however, are procurement and legal. Both departments involve themselves in the negotiation of commercial relationships through contract management and often […]

Taking the Tech Out of It: Contract Heroes with Trayce Marcelle

On this episode of Contract Heroes, we’re taking you back once again to the CLOC Global Institute Event in Las Vegas for another special guest interview with Trayce Marcelle. Trayce is the head of U.S. Legal Operations and Technology Consulting at LOD + SYKE. She has over 20 years of experience in legal operations management […]