5 Strategies to Bring Procurement and Legal Together

5 Strategies to Bring Procurement and Legal Together The intricate nature of contracts, regulatory landscapes, and business relationships necessitates a unified and collaborative approach between all corporate functions. Two functions that have particularly similar interests, however, are procurement and legal. Both departments involve themselves in the negotiation of commercial relationships through contract management and often […]

Taking the Tech Out of It: Contract Heroes with Trayce Marcelle

On this episode of Contract Heroes, we’re taking you back once again to the CLOC Global Institute Event in Las Vegas for another special guest interview with Trayce Marcelle. Trayce is the head of U.S. Legal Operations and Technology Consulting at LOD + SYKE. She has over 20 years of experience in legal operations management […]

Laying the Groundwork for CLM on Byte-Sized Law with guest Kami Paulsen

Byte-Sized Law, hosted by Siddarth Menon, is a podcast that explores the trends and challenges currently dominating the complex landscape of legal technology. In an episode earlier this summer, Siddarth spoke with Kami Paulsen, a published author and renowned CLM expert who has spent over 2 decades working in the space. Today, we will take […]

Turning CLM Setbacks Into Success with James Donald

In this exciting episode of Contract Heroes, we spoke with James Donald, the Deputy General Counsel at Accor. James is a lawyer by background who eventually found his way into the hospitality sector.  Throughout his time with Accor, he has learned their legal processes inside and out. Alongside his team, James tackles legal operations with […]

In Case You Missed It: CLM Simplified Academy

On March 10, Pepe and I headed over to NYC to attend the very first installation of CLM Simplified Academy. Organized by Legaltech Hub and InnoLaw Group, this one-of-a-kind event was designed to focus entirely on our favorite subject: CLM.  In the past decade, CLM has become somewhat of a buzzword in the legal tech […]

7 CLM Implementation Roadblocks and Solutions

Presenting the Value of CLM

Implementing CLM software can be a long, arduous process full of unexpected pitfalls. In this post, we will briefly go over 7 of the most common CLM implementation roadblocks you might encounter on your journey to better contracts and offer up some potential solutions to conquer them. 1. Lack of Clear Objectives  The first of […]

How to Apply AI to Contract Management

AI legal contract automation

How to Apply AI to Contract Management Most people tend to have rather divisive views on AI. Some say it will fade away in a few years while others believe it will revolutionize the way we do business across various industries. In this article, we will explore the reasons why contract management is a great […]

Using AI in CLM: A Quick Guide

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have brought about significant transformations across various industries. One area where AI has made a profound impact is Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software. By leveraging AI technologies, CLM software has revolutionized contract management processes, empowering organizations to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and maximize efficiency.  In this article, we […]

How to Use Contract Technology to Streamline Legal Processes

legal document automation

Contracts help establish and maintain a company’s most important relationships with partners, vendors, and customers. As organizations have gradually come to realize the potential for well-managed contracts to add value outside of just the legal department, contract management has rapidly become a part of daily business practices.  At its core, contract management involves creating, negotiating, […]

How Procurement Benefits from CLM Tools

Procurement is a critical function in every organization. The procurement team handles sourcing goods and services, negotiating contracts, managing supplier relationships, and much more. These duties are invaluable to the success of any business because they ensure that every department has what it needs to get the job done.  However, procurement processes are often complex […]