Contract Lifecycle Management For Legal Operation

Automate your legal operations

Get efficient and reduce risk in your contract processes.

Don't fly blind on contractual risk

Get visibility into contract riskAI-enabled risk scoring surfaces the risk in your contracts so you can focus on and minimize high-risk contracts.

Presenting the Value of CLM

Take charge of compliance

Automate compliance — Whether regulatory compliance like HIPAA or SOX or monitoring contractual terms and SLAs, manage compliance with automatic notifications, full audit trail, and configurable, precise controls.

Relieve your legal team from the tedium of paperwork

Bring order to the processautomate workflows and notifications that let you streamline processes, drive efficiencies, and make your team’s workloads manageable.

Don't be a drag on the business

Speed up legal approval cycles — Take advantage of mobile-friendly one-click email approvals and customized workflows to slash review times.

Hear from Legal Professionals

“We have standard NDAs, pre-signed NDAs, and restricted-use NDAs. With Agiloft, we were able to automate the process of determining which contract best serves the business. Automating the contract selection process has helped us avoid a lot of problems.”

Todd Westersund, Director and Senior Global Legal Counsel, ASM International N.V.

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