Matter Management

Our legal matter management solution brings all associated matter details and data – documents, events, tasks, vendors, and people – into a system of record for your legal department. And not just for the matters handled by your law firms. A clear and complete view of all matters drives efficiencies and streamlines workflows while making sure that all legal work aligns to the strategic objectives of the business.

Matter Management

Custom matter templates in just a few clicks

Add and leverage approval workflows on matters

Must Have Features

Standardize matter intake and control information collection

Easily manage and access related documents and files

Quickly identify who is involved in your matters and in what capacity

Track and report on unlimited custom attributes


Matter Management That Works The Way You Do 


Track internal and external matters – and all associated details, documents, and people – from a centralized database. Easily surface the information you need, when you need it, without wasting time referencing other systems and sources.


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Matter Management That Works The Way You Do 


Set permissions, unlimited attributes, and required fields for specific types of matter templates and request forms. Assign matter approvers for matters that meet certain criteria. By configuring the SimpleLegal matter management platform in alignment with how your department approaches legal work, establish standard processes that save time and increase productivity.


Work Towards A Shared Goal 


We give attorneys, in-house professionals, and outside counsel complete visibility into who’s involved with a particular matter, the status, relevant documents and notes, and more. With key information stored centrally in our matter management system, knowledge share and collaboration comes naturally.

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Key Reports To Make Data-Driven Decisions 


With all legal matter data organized in easy-to-understand dashboards and reports, quickly inform strategy and protect and grow the business. Pinpoint where money and resources are being spent, get a clear view of attorney productivity, and understand project complexity.

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