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Enhance legal operations to meet future challenges and unlock new opportunities

Embrace evolving business operations, adapt to changing work models, and seize opportunities for increased efficiency and revenue savings in the legal landscape

  • Access experienced legal professionals globally through our services
  • Benefit from cost-effective and flexible legal resources tailored to your needs
  • Extend your in-house resources, freeing up time for high-value tasks and reducing contracting cycle times
  • Assess your current contracting process to identify opportunities for efficiency improvement
  • Utilize data science and process engineering to optimize the system through comprehensive analysis
  • Implement enhancements based on the evaluation to streamline and improve your contracting process
  • Capture specific data points, including clause change frequency to fallback language
  • Track contract processing turnaround time and record the number of specific contract types processed
  • Monitor contract escalation duration and capture data on the time contracts spend in different stages
  • Collaborate with customers to assess risk profiles and develop fallback positions for standard templates
  • Address commonly negotiated clauses not included in the template
  • Provide managed services for internal and external contract risk management needs
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of current templates to identify and update any outdated language
  • Consolidate templates into a standardized format, particularly after company mergers or acquisitions
  • Streamline existing templates to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Assess existing contracts for non-compliance and make necessary amendments
  • Identify discrepancies and collaborate to revise terms for full compliance
  • Minimize potential risks by ensuring comprehensive contract reviews and revisions

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Our team of experts provides outsourced legal services for everyday contracts, compliance,  leveraging our expertise and operational knowledge to help clients navigate contract negotiation and management effectively

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Each episode features best practices for buy and sell side contracting, CLM vendor selection, implementation pitfalls to avoid, and so much more! 

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