The Future of AI and Its Impact on Legal Professionals’ Efficiency

contract heroes with damien riehl, AI, SALI, legal tech

In one of our first ever live-streamed episodes of Contract Heroes, we had the opportunity to chat with none other than Damien Riehl. Though he started out as a musician and teacher, Damien eventually decided to switch from breaking up fights in the classroom to breaking them up in the courtroom instead. He is currently […]

The Key to Successful Contract Management in the Energy Sector with Sharyn County

Join us at the WorldCC American Summit in Dallas for another installment of Contract Heroes! This episode features Sharyn County, the General Manager of Procurement, Property, and Fleet at Jemena and Zinfra. Jemena and Zinfra focus on implementing biogas solutions, greenifying through sustainability, and broadening the reach of the energy industry in Australia. Sharyn brought […]

Beyond the Paper Trail: Alistair Maiden’s Quest for Contract Efficiency

In this episode of Contract Heroes, we had the opportunity to chat with the CEO and founder of SYKE, Alistair Maiden. Since 2016, Alistair and his team have been helping businesses solve legal problems and build efficiency into their contracts through the use of technology. Read on to learn more about Alistair’s journey toward developing […]

Data Is King: Contract Heroes With The Intel Team

In this exciting episode of Contract Heroes, we had the opportunity to speak with 3 amazing guests from the Intel CLM team: Gerald Wright (Senior Manager of Contract Solutions), Donovan Bell (Director of Information and Contract Experience, Global Legal Operations), and Kuan Yu Liu (IT Product Owner).  After a failed CLM implementation, the Intel team […]