7 CLM Implementation Roadblocks and Solutions

Presenting the Value of CLM

Implementing CLM software can be a long, arduous process full of unexpected pitfalls. In this post, we will briefly go over 7 of the most common CLM implementation roadblocks you might encounter on your journey to better contracts and offer up some potential solutions to conquer them. 1. Lack of Clear Objectives  The first of […]

An Overview of Legalweek 2022

Legalweek is one of the most important and relevant conferences for legal professionals all over the world and throughout every aspect of the industry. Packed with panel sessions and key speakers, this conference allows anyone working in the legal realm to come together with peers in order to discuss recent developments relevant to legal professions, […]

8 Questions to Ask When Auditing Your Contract Management Process

8 Questions to Ask When Auditing Your Contract Management Process How confident are you in your organization’s contract management process? Have you ever missed a contract renewal date or failed to comply with a reporting or payment obligation? Are you satisfied with your risk assessment and management processes and the amount of time your team […]

Why Are More Non-Profit’s Starting To Catch The Contract Management Train?

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are jumping on board with a very popular trend in process improvement; automated contract management. To be fair, though, contract automation is not so much a transitory “trend” as it is an essential, sustainable ingredient in NGO and nonprofit management. THE WHYs Streamlining and automating contract lifecycle management and compliance […]