Notes from the Field – Service Management World

It’s been a hectic week for the team here at QuestDesk and over at our partners at InvGate. Now that we’re back from the Service Management World Conference. We’re still distilling our notes and following up with the folks most interested in our approach to Service and Asset Management. We’ve also gathered our initial thoughts into something that makes sense collectively, and we’ve taken those insights to our developers so they can crank out great new features that mesh well with the needs of front-line IT staff.

All of this introspection sparked a thought from us; why not share our notes from the field and insights with you? So here you go, a collection of thoughts from our team and our partner, InvGate.

QuestDesk’s Thoughts – ITSM Experts and Preferred Partner

“We had a wonderful time at Service Management World with our partner, InvGate. Seeing the team interact with prospects in person really showed us just how passionate InvGate is about helping other organizations succeed in IT. We are so excited to move forward with a publisher who treats us as part of the team!”

Ariel – The Founder and Thought Leader of InvGate

“At InvGate we really care about doing things the right way. It’s important that our products have integrity and that we can believe in them. We really don’t know any other way to do business. The show was a nice way to connect with industry leaders and showcase what we do so well.”

Jason – Former Service Desk Manager

“We were presented with some very unexpected challenges at the conference, but everyone on the team worked together to come up with creative and innovative solutions which ultimately lead to a highly successful event. Great people make the difference. “

Shiraz – ITSM Black Belt

“I always appreciate an opportunity to speak 1-on-1 with real-world IT professionals, so a conference like Service Management World is a pretty unique chance for someone like me. When I started digging into things with the people that came to our booth, what I kept finding was their biggest challenges revolved around the nuances of Service Management.  Things like user adoption, improving their automations, better mapping of processes and policy, or aligning the resources of their organizations – these are the things that keep people in our industry up at night. Sharing these stories with my marketing and development teams was probably the most valuable thing I was able to do as a result of the event.”

Pablo – ITSM Product Manager

“I came back from the conference really inspired on ways we can continue helping our customers have a better work experience. Incorporating their ideas into our software has always been the way to go for us; customer feedback is one of the sources that nurtures our roadmap. Service Management World gave me another opportunity to listen to end-user priorities and needs, and for me, that’s the best way to make sure we are on the right track.”

Terry – The Wearer of Many Hats

“Stepping away from the expo hall for a bit, I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday’s keynote by Steve Cadigan, former CHRO at LinkedIn. Steve explained strategy and told stories about today’s challenges with talent acquisition and retention (regardless of industry), and the differences with Millennials in “The Digital Age”. Groom your talent for their next career…and let them know you are doing so. They will be happier about the direction, and appreciate the mentorship.”

Allison – ITSM Marketer

“We went into the event with the attitude that it was going to be great. Logistical challenges plagued us at the start of the show, but we adapted and our booth turned out great. I think being adaptable to change is just a good life lesson, show or no show. Ultimately our entire team was focused on delivering the best experience for attendees that we could, and I think that came across.”

This event has inspired all of us to take an even deeper look at things. So, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be featuring interviews and additional blog posts from the area experts listed above to get a more in-depth look at all of their stories.

Keep your eyes peeled for those posts, and please let us know in the comments what YOUR biggest takeaways were from the conference!