Contract Lifecycle Management for Sales Operations

Eliminate red tape

Automate the contracting processFull Salesforce integration enables instant generation of sell-side documents like proposals, MSAs, and other agreements. One-click contract creation and automated approval processes integrated with email, SMS messaging, and e-signature let salespeople keep closing deals while on the road.

Minimize revenue leakage from contracts

Turn off the spigot — Let the software keep track of performance obligations, contract end-dates, and renewals as well as ensure accurate invoicing and recommend actions to maximize revenue.

Get the truth about your revenue projections

Mine your contract data for the real deal(s) — Contracts represent the single source of truth in commercial activities. Extract and organize data from your contracts to inform every aspect of your business. Build custom dashboards and reports to track KPIs and issue alerts by department, individual, customer, or any other variable.ination of sequential, parallel, and conditional approvals.

Hear from Sales Professionals

“Time savings and the accuracy of data are the biggest benefits. The system is very reliable and dynamic — it meets most needs out of the box and can be quickly modified to do even more. It was simple and effective from day one.” 

Ryan Barrett, Sales Manager, Edale Ltd.

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