Choosing the Right CLM Partner

Choosing the Right CLM Partner


When it comes to resolving your company’s contracting challenges, the right contract management partner is critical. On top of organizing contracts and their deadlines, a good CLM program will help ensure the success of your company.

Because there is a selection of CLM software on the market today, the right decision may be difficult to reach. Many contract managers wonder which program would best fit their business functions.

Take a look at this list of questions to consider when trying to decide on CLM software. Asking yourself (and your team) these questions when comparing programs can help your company choose the right contract management software.

Does the software address my contract management challenges?

When choosing a CLM partner, remember that the solution offering the most features isn’t always the best choice. In many of these situations, choosing the option with the most features will have you paying for things you won’t end up using.

Instead of choosing the biggest, most expensive program, look carefully through the features offered. Focus on exactly which features your company needs to solve the contracting issues you’re facing. The CLM partner you choose should be able to look at the way your business functions and offer solutions based on those discoveries.

You’ll want to choose a solution that addresses each of your challenges instead of adding more.

Is the software user-friendly?

When choosing CLM software, you want a solution that’s going to solve problems rather than create more. If a CLM program is too complicated to use, it’s unlikely that your team will be able to navigate it correctly. When teams struggle to use CLM software, no challenges are being addressed. If users find the software too difficult to use, they’re likely not going to use it, and the cost will be a waste.

It’s crucial to choose a solution that’s well-designed and user-friendly. The software should be intuitive and simple enough to be picked up quickly. This way, your team will experience little to no downtime learning how to operate the software.

Does this CLM solution have integration capabilities? How easy is the integration process?

When you’re already using a selection of programs and tools you love, integration capabilities are a must. Look for CLM solutions that can connect with your existing programs and tools. Choosing a solution with easy integration will make it to where all your business tools work well together. Each program is connected and actively helping your company reach its goals.

When a business integrates their new CLM software with their established programs and tools, they can create a valuable, cohesive system that points the company toward success. Also, integrating new tools with those that the team is familiar with can help make the new program’s onboarding process easier.

Is the software flexible? Can I scale up as my company grows?

When it comes to contract management solutions, it’s good to look into the future. While having a solution that works for you now is great, your company is likely to grow. Because business growth is every company’s goal, it’s important to make sure that your chosen CLM solution grows with you.

Examine the software’s features before deciding. Doing so can help determine whether this choice is flexible enough to support a growing organization. Will this choice allow your team to make changes to contracts and ensure compliance? It takes a flexible program and a supportive team behind it to ensure you’re getting what your business needs.

What is the onboarding process like? Will, my team receive support when learning how to use the program?

Intuitive, easy-to-use software is one thing, but a committed support team is another. Ideally, your chosen CLM partner will offer both. Look at the features and support offerings so you can develop a good impression of the onboarding process.

You’ll want to choose a program that provides onboarding support, with a team that will walk you through using the CLM software. This way, there will be a lot less trial and error learning and more professional instruction.

If you see that a solution offers chat support, training, account management services, and more, it’s a good sign. However, take a look at the customer reviews for solutions you’re considering. Examining the experiences of other businesses can help determine whether the services produce satisfactory results.

Businesses are as diverse as individuals. While one CLM solution may work for Business A, it may not meet the needs of Business B. To choose the best CLM partner for your company’s contract management needs, it’s important to evaluate your options.

Choosing the right contract management software ensures your company continues to grow and maintains contractual compliance. It’s an important decision, and as such, it requires careful consideration before deciding to work with a CLM partner.