How a CLM could transform your public procurement cycle

Since the public procurement cycle is a vital process for strategic objectives, its improvement matters. To put in place better business’ practices and contract awarding, digital transformation has come to save the day through a CLM automation solution. How? We intend to show you its true potential.

Ways in which a CLM changes your public procurement cycle


CLM solutions take into account the digital transformation of companies that require to evolve and be more competitive. Namely, such programs can cut costs, improve agility, and become a reliable source for decision-making in the public procurement cycle. If you want to take advantage of many useful features harnessed by Big Tech enterprises, there are several reasons to do so:


Continuous improvement

CLM solutions have frequent updates to give you an edge to help your company’s success. As a result, partners, suppliers, and staff who praise digital workflows feel more willing to do business or work with you. This software allows you to exploit mobility, automation, embedded AI, and other functions.



Improved compliance issues

The public procurement cycle demands transparency, integrity, openness, and economic due diligence. For these reasons, you need to eliminate mistakes, cycle lag, and manual reviews when dealing with hundreds of vendors. You can keep compliance in check using Koho software, which includes draft automation, standardized templates, and smart guidance.


Effective strategic sourcing

Because procuring goods and services is a recurring process, you need to control effectively every step. It means that your company should improve performance, managing, and value to guarantee better deals. When applying CLM automation, you can optimize relations with vendors and suppliers. Moreover, you get analytics, governance, audit trail, compliance, visibility, and added value that outdated technology cannot provide.


Policy simplification

Due to the complexity of modern supply chains, obsolete purchasing procedures need to be replaced for digital solutions. If your business has to manage many contracts and terms, your team needs more visibility to revise policies. When you apply CLM automation, follow-up, and simplification of guidelines become easier to control.


Try Koh for your public procurement cycle needs

The procurement public cycle has many challenges that usually cannot be solved efficiently with conventional tactics nor manual proceedings. As enterprises evolve to a customer-first approach, industry 5.0 will leave behind those who refuse to transform. Thus, Koho software is a well-known CLM automation solution intended to salvage your business model