Company Rebrand – Koho Consulting

New Year, New Goals: What to Expect 


It’s been quite a year for Koho Consulting. With 100% company growth and nearly 40% customer growth in 2021, we have had the opportunity to welcome tons of new clients, employees, and changes. As we move forward into the new year, we hope to continue this pattern of expansion and improvement at Koho. So, in order to make Koho more visible to the organizations that can benefit from our unique CLM software implementation service, we have launched an exciting rebrand, embracing a shortened name and a shiny new logo. 

What’s New at Koho?


The biggest change happening at Koho Consulting is our name renovation. Dropping “Software” from our brand name, we will be embracing the focus of our organization by calling ourselves Koho Consulting from now on. We intend for this change to clear up any confusion among potential clients and help us align better with the organizations that need our services. Having “Software” in our name led many to mistakenly believe that Koho is a software company, but our specialty lies in consultation. While we do not offer our own software, our well-trained experts work to help clients find and implement the best piece of Contract Lifecycle Management software available for their organization.


Along with a new name, Koho will be sporting a new logo as well. Never fear, the familiar Koho “K” isn’t going anywhere! However, we have taken the liberty of giving it a fresh look to better reflect our mission. Since we are, at our core, all about Contract Lifecycle Management, our new logo intends to showcase our expertise in every area of contracts. It may seem like a minor change, but, in the realm of contracts, details are essential, no matter how small. At Koho, our extensive experience with contracts has led us to a deep understanding of the importance of these details. We created our logo with this dedication toward detail in mind, hoping to capture the passion and attention we put into helping each new client.


As reflected by these changes, we at Koho Consulting plan to embrace 2022 through a more focused lens, honing in on new ways to help our current clients find the best CLM software for their contracts and connect with organizations across all fields who are in need of contract management assistance.