QuestDesk Solutions Rebrands To Show Focus On Non-IT Related Solutions and Services

Today we are announcing a major rebranding over the next 7 – 10 days to reflect the company’s evolution into selling and providing services for solutions other than Service Desk and It Asset Management.

Robert Sacco, VP of North American Operations at Koho, said, “The direction our company has been heading over the past year is very different from where it has been in the past. We no longer want our clients and prospective customers to think of us as strictly a Help Desk & Service Desk shop. We believe that our old branding was holding us back from where our focus has been in the past months and will continue to be in the coming years.”

Marc Doucette, Senior Sales Consultant, says “As the software industry as a whole continues to grow and mature, we’ve realized that highly saturated markets such as the Help Desk industry have become much more of a consumable marketplace. Unfortunately, in these types of spaces, the ability to make a large impact on companies current processes has come and gone. This is why we’re so excited to be focusing on an area (Contract Management) where 85% of organizations are still using manual methods to sign, review, and even create legal documents.”

Doucette adds that building on the company’s heritage and leadership in technology and services, Koho plans to focus its market strategy on helping organizations learn more about the Contract Management space in general, so that when an organization is ready to streamline their processes, they’ll have the knowledge to move forward with a solutions provider who they absolutely know is the best fit for their organization.

Koho Consulting

The rebranding includes a slight redesign of the company’s website and an entirely new logo, graphics, communications, and correspondence. Koho’s new brand assets include a simplified, orange logo, along with an updated website and other visual communications that utilize simple, bold graphics to convey complex solutions in an understandable way.