How to minimize risks with legal document automation

legal document automation

Nowadays, every legal department and law firm needs to cope with a CLM software or the use of legal document automation. If your business is trying to reduce risk management regarding contract making, the proper software can help you.   How legal document automation can reduce risk Legal document automation helps your business to streamline […]

Manual contract management vs automated CLM software

A CLM software solution to solve your problems

Now that automation of contract lifecycle management has become more accessible and customizable, companies can leave behind their old ways. Since this process can be quite slow, there is a greater need for more efficient solutions. That’s why we will compare manual procedures vs a CLM software.  A CLM software solution to solve your problems […]

How do contract express solutions work?

Document automation is a great tool for businesses since it helps them become more efficient and productive. That’s why big and small firms can take advantage of a contract express solution. What is a contract express solution? A contract express solution automates your contracts and legal documents. If manual tasks and constant redrafting take precious […]

How a contract management system can save you a lot of money

Many companies around the world try to optimize the way they carry out their processes. This is possible due to the new technology, because business can implement software to make their day to day easier. That’s why contract management systems have become an important tool in the digital transformation of many industries. No matter the […]

What does CLM mean to In-House Counsel

CLM in legal means Contract lifecycle management which is a methodology to optimize contracting activity, saving costs, and time.   Digitalization has become an essential step for growth in all industries, for instance, applying CLM in-house legal counsel is now a key element to mitigate risks while improving productivity and efficiency. The automation of contract processes […]