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Why automation is key for contract compliance

When your business lacks a document automation program, manual procedures become inefficient, tedious, and likely to cause mistakes. Nowadays, companies that depended on contract compliance should know how to use technology in their favor. Once you apply a CLM solution like Koho Consulting, you can streamline drafting, execution, and storage.

contract compliance Increase contract compliance with a CLM solution

New CLM tools can ensure that your business stays on track regarding contract compliance. For that reason, this solution is intended to eliminate bottlenecks, provide more document visibility, and reduce unnecessary steps. Besides speeding up workflow within your organization, you can rely on automation considering its several benefits:


  • Dynamic central database. A specialized CLM software can help you configure a central repository to optimize searching capabilities for specific and precise consultation. Also, you can use tags, key attributes, generated according to date, type, and other functions to find any metadata agreement.


  • Integration with other platforms. An automation system allows you to integrate with ease systems that you need on regular bases in the contract lifecycle. Thus, you can configure SalesForce, Google Drive, CRM, or other platforms for uniform data, approvals, signatures, etc.


  • Business intelligence analysis. With the use of software like Koho, your company’s stakeholders gain more insight regarding evaluation, reviews and workflow improvement. Since contract compliance needs detailed attention, this CLM solution analyzes the progress of processes, spending, and cost allocations.


  • Automatic notification reminders. To have renewals and deadlines in check, you can rely on this feature. A worthy automation system lets you control negotiation and completion with SMS or email alerts te reduce risk and noncompliance.


  • Implementation of e-signatures. To make approvals faster, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction, you can take advantage of this option. So, if your business favors a better signature process, e-signatures reduce contract cycles by enabling mobile device interaction.


  • Negotiation with better outcomes. Among the benefits of automation, you can’t disregard the need for quick collaborations in different parts of the world. Moreover, you can retrieve data more efficiently, improve record collection, and keep up-to-date your templates and drafts.

contract automation Use Koho software for contract compliance

If you are looking for a secure, user-friendly, and certified CLM solution, you don’t have to look too far. Our team of specialists in automation are standing by to give you the support you need. With Koho, contract compliance has never been easier.