Simple. Automated. Multi-Platform.

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As endpoints, device types, and operating systems multiply, IT staffing rarely multiplies along with the growth. Managing all the settings, applications, and support for computers and mobile devices with multiple management solutions only adds another layer of complexity.

FileWave offers complete client management capabilities for both macOS and Windows computers, along with mobile device management for iOS and Android devices, and additional reach to Chromebooks. By reducing the number of management tools, FileWave increases visibility, reduces complexity, improves security, and enables end-user productivity.

It’s more than multi-platform, it’s unified endpoint management.


IT Asset Inventory

Know what’s on your network with agentless discovery

Recover any lost, stolen or misplaced device using location & geo-tracking tracking

 ✓ Simple yet powerful queries allow you to create reports in real time

 ✓ License Management lets you stay in front of software audits and save money by detecting unused licenses

Remote Configuration & Support

Shorten open ticket time by viewing systems remotely

Take action to remediate problems by deploying configurations and patches

Empowers end users, while removing the burden from IT, ensuring everyone is more productive with self-service kiosks

Software Distribution & Management

Detailed inventory reporting reduces risk

Easy to use filters allows you to plan for hardware or os upgrades even before a purchase

Don’t rely on end-users: Filesense Magic lets you easily create your own packages

Patented Self-healing automatically repairs corrupted files or reinstalled missing software

Patch Management

 ✓ Decrease security breaches by over 70% by finding and filling gaps in protection

 ✓ Patch both macOS and Windows systems and third-party apps

Smart inventory queries provide real-time compliance reporting

Imaging and Deployment

✓  Simplify imaging with automation tools built to adapt to multiple operating systems

✓  Easily clone macOS devices with FileWave Lightning

✓  Windows and older macs are covered too with network imaging

✓  Zero touch deployment for macOS and iOS devices


Mobile Device Management

Leverage a single framework to manage computers and mobile devices

Easy to build profiles and groups make managing mobile devices easy

Compatible with Macs, Windows devices, Chromebooks and Android devices 

BYOD enrollment and zero touch updates ensure devices remain up to date


Learn how Filewave’s solution helped

Hudl’s six-person IT team scale and manage

endpoint devices in 14 global offices.