Better Device Management for Student Environments

On the surface, school districts face many of the same challenges as large enterprise organizations, but with fewer resources, smaller budgets, and a much higher endpoint-to-IT staff ratio. A summertime filled with large-scale app deployments, OS and security updates, and new hardware acquisitions (often made without full input from IT) make K-12 IT challenges unique. Outside of IT, classroom teachers are expected to show a Return on Education for all the technology, and technology-based curriculum, their schools have invested in – but teachers aren’t technicians, and can’t be expected to perform IT functions.The broad, and often unpredictable, range of technology presents a substantial challenge for IT because they are not expected only to manage apps and devices, but to empower teachers, and enable learning. Fortunately, having a consistent management tool like FileWave is one variable within your control.

FileWave automates and streamlines K-12 endpoint management, significantly extending your IT team’s capabilities by allowing them to manage all devices from one console. When the district acquires new devices, the management tool doesn’t need to change.

For teachers, FileWave’s solution is a simple, intuitive tool that brings classroom management into the digital age. Teachers don’t have to be technicians, and IT doesn’t need to manage classrooms. Now, teachers can be in charge of their classrooms and curriculum, and IT can remain in control of the apps and technology.

Simply put, FileWave allows your IT team to be more proactive, teachers to be more empowered, and students to be more engaged.