4 steps for sales contract management automation

Sales contract management automation has become necessary for businesses that strive to succeed. Given that you want to streamline workflow, track deadlines/renewals, and leave manual procedures behind, CLM software is the right choice.  What are the 4 steps of sales contract management automation to succeed? To keep up with massive amounts of current and pending […]

What is IT asset management software?

Inside a company, you have to deal with many kinds of assets that require proper management systems and tools. Usually, some businesses invest up to 4 to 5 days storing this information manually every month. Since this process is time-consuming and less efficient, ITAM software has become crucial to run informatics operations and resources. IT […]

Better Device Management for Student Environments

On the surface, school districts face many of the same challenges as large enterprise organizations, but with fewer resources, smaller budgets, and a much higher endpoint-to-IT staff ratio. A summertime filled with large-scale app deployments, OS and security updates, and new hardware acquisitions (often made without full input from IT) make K-12 IT challenges unique. […]