How to Use Contract Technology to Streamline Legal Processes

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Contracts help establish and maintain a company’s most important relationships with partners, vendors, and customers. As organizations have gradually come to realize the potential for well-managed contracts to add value outside of just the legal department, contract management has rapidly become a part of daily business practices.  At its core, contract management involves creating, negotiating, […]

How Procurement Benefits from CLM Tools

Procurement is a critical function in every organization. The procurement team handles sourcing goods and services, negotiating contracts, managing supplier relationships, and much more. These duties are invaluable to the success of any business because they ensure that every department has what it needs to get the job done.  However, procurement processes are often complex […]

Features of a Legal contract automation tool

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As the digital economy and customer satisfaction become ever-present, law firms, insurance companies, and real estate agencies demand better results. This can only happen if they can deal with contracts properly, streamline CLM, and have an efficient workflow. When your business handles big volumes of documents, you need a legal contract automation tool to improve […]

Why automation is key for contract compliance

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When your business lacks a document automation program, manual procedures become inefficient, tedious, and likely to cause mistakes. Nowadays, companies that depended on contract compliance should know how to use technology in their favor. Once you apply a CLM solution like Koho Consulting, you can streamline drafting, execution, and storage. Increase contract compliance with a […]

What is a CLM software solution?

The need for automated processes has become a need for businesses. Especially for law firms that require more efficient document management. If you want to streamline your contract lifecycle, you should know that using CLM software means lower costs and better compliance. Discover why. Basic features of a CLM software CLM software can oversee thousands […]

What departments benefit from contract automation

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 One of the best ways to optimize your processes is by implementing contract automation in all your departments. If you want your business to grow, then you need to adapt to the new market requirements and challenges. While many believe that contract automation software can only benefit legal departments the truth is that with an automatic […]