6 steps in the public procurement process you should follow

The public procurement process should not be cluttered, mistake-prone nor unreliable. Automation software like Koho helps you streamline the contract lifecycle so you can have precise management at every stage. As a result, you don’t lose sight of compliance, maintain safe records, and get accuracy for these steps. Key steps in the public procurement process […]

4 steps for sales contract management automation

Sales contract management automation has become necessary for businesses that strive to succeed. Given that you want to streamline workflow, track deadlines/renewals, and leave manual procedures behind, CLM software is the right choice.  What are the 4 steps of sales contract management automation to succeed? To keep up with massive amounts of current and pending […]

7 stages of contract management that you need to know

Nowadays, companies aim to be more cost-effective, productive, and maximize efficiency. You can do this using Koho like software, having a better understanding of the asset lifecycle, and learning how the stages of contract management serve in automation goals. What are the stages of contract management? To register and deal with assets’ complexities, you have […]

How a CLM could transform your public procurement cycle

Since the public procurement cycle is a vital process for strategic objectives, its improvement matters. To put in place better business’ practices and contract awarding, digital transformation has come to save the day through a CLM automation solution. How? We intend to show you its true potential. Ways in which a CLM changes your public […]