4 tips to simplify the contract management workflow

Any contract management workflow includes a certain amount of steps and the effort of collaborators across the board. Since these tasks can contain many notes, conversations, documents, and supporting data, the main goal is to get the right information to the end-users. Consequently, you could be more effective by using CLM software like Koho to […]

Best Practices for Contract Management in Healthcare

Every hospital, healthcare facility, or sanitary institution needs to rely on CLM at some stage, especially during a global outbreak. Since these organizations have to keep running, manage resources, and handle workflows, contract management in healthcare is crucial to assure the demands of patients, workers, providers, and regulations amidst a crisis or everyday operations. Healthcare […]

6 steps in the public procurement process you should follow

The public procurement process should not be cluttered, mistake-prone nor unreliable. Automation software like Koho helps you streamline the contract lifecycle so you can have precise management at every stage. As a result, you don’t lose sight of compliance, maintain safe records, and get accuracy for these steps. Key steps in the public procurement process […]

Why is contract compliance important for better negotiations?

Establishing solid relationships with partners, vendors, and other actors are essential to any business. Although contract compliance is important and takes most of your resources, many companies spend too little on procurement. If you plan to have better negotiations, reduce risk, and not lose 9% of revenue, Koho software can help. Reasons why contract compliance […]

Why contract management lifecycle is your best option to enhance salesforce

Why contract management lifecycle is your best option to enhance salesforce

Companies that use the Salesforce platform need top of the line software solutions to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Therefore, a contract management lifecycle (CLM) solution as Koho can be a competitive edge that separates you from the rest.cl How CLM software helps salesforce integration In hindsight, every company should have switched from manual contract […]

Contract management: Fundamental elements

By nature, the handling of relationships among business partners needs a well-established set of working conditions. Consequently, an agreement ensures the parties involved benefit operationally and economically while meeting their goals. That is why knowing and mastering the contract management elements have become crucial. What are the key elements of contract management? To comprehend better […]

3 strategies to ensure contract compliance

Since contract compliance is essential for business prevalence, your processes can’t rely on obsolete and inefficient methods. Now, more than ever, this part of CLM has to be your number one priority to survive the apparent economic downturn. Therefore, Koho software could be your best bet to ensure proper agreement management. Best practices to guarantee […]

Agiloft vs Conga: What works best for your business

As technology advances, businesses face the dilemma of finding the best CLM software. Even though there are many automation solutions for contract management, most of them may be subpar. Using a recent Gartner report, we compare Agiloft vs Conga to evaluate how they match up. CLM software comparison: Conga vs Agiloft Since these options have […]

How to work faster with a contract legal management software

When it comes to sales, revenue, and client satisfaction quickness in execution is the name of the game. Your ability to close deals depends on optimal procedures, fast workflow, error-free task, and the use of a contract legal management software like Koho. Get quicker outputs with contract legal management software Referred to as CLM software, […]

IT asset management tools: The definite guide

Successful and sustainable businesses can’t do without innovative technologies to keep in touch with market realities. Since software, hardware, licenses and devices are integral to everyday operations, you have to handle them properly. Hence, IT asset management tools are essential. Know the It asset management lifecycle looks like The understanding behind IT asset management tools […]